Cannabis Convo

What is it?

Cannabis Convo is an online tool to help voters get involved in the 2020 referendum, and understand the issues and perspectives underpinning their choice on cannabis law reform. It aims to spark conversation in a fun and engaging way, while introducing users to new perspectives and different considerations. Cannabis Convo provides a platform to weigh-up the issues that are important to voters, help them identify the approach that most aligns with their values, and view how other people feel about cannabis reform.

The Issue

At the 2020 General Election, New Zealanders will be asked to vote on whether they think draft legislation proposed by the Government should become law. This legislation proposes to: legalise personal use and purchase from age 20, allow sale at licensed premises, and consumption at separate licensed premises or on private property, allow limited home-growing, and restrict marketing and advertising of cannabis products.

Voters will need to consider a range of issues before deciding— How should we address cannabis use in young people? How will we ensure the safety of cannabis products? What will the effect on the black market be?

How does it work?

Cannabis Convo presents an issue to be considered, and asks users to consider how much of a priority it is to them. It explains the issue a little more, and offers some factors to ponder.

The tool asks what would be the best way to address eight of the issues surrounding drug reform, and provides a range of options with explanations of what each would entail.

At the end of the ‘conversation’ Cannabis Convo presents the users responses to give them an understanding of their standpoint. The tool offers more information on these standpoints so the user can be aware of what they mean.

Users can drill-down into the results, and visually see where their views sit among other participants. They can also view an issue-by-issue analysis of their responses.